To assist and advance the capacity and capabilities of Kaitiakitanga through environmental education and research.

 "Acknowledging matauranga Māori as a living a breathing knowledge system, recentralising it as a vital and central component of understanding kaitiakitanga, and building action based initiatives founded on these understandings"

Ma wai e tu hei kaitiaki?....MAKU!!
Who will stand as a custodian for our world?.....I WILL??

Our education projects adopted and embrace a Maori approach to Kaitiakitanga, environmental management and problem solving.  A Maori approach is a whanau approach, it acknowledges matauranga Maori and the holders of knowledge, it is reflective and progressive, it follows tikanga Maori, and it is place based. 

Understanding comes from the opportunity to experience, practice, create and recreate.   Our projects acknowledge matauranga Maori as a living a breathing knowledge system, recentralising it as a vital component for understanding kaitiakitanga, and building action based conservation initiatives

Pipi Enhancement
Making good from bad
As part of the Kaimoana Restoration Plan (TMICFT, 2015) a Pipi Enhancement Education Project was developed.  The project involved moving pipi from dredge areas, to two selected areas, where they will be monitored by students from two schools, Te Wharekura o Mauao, and Te Puna Matauranga,Te Puna Primary.  Pipi were translocated in September 2016, and the first annual monitoring round will happen in September 2017

Many thanks to our funders: Nga Matarae Trust and the Port of Tauranga.
Science as a tool
Activating Kaitiakitanga with Environmental Monitoring
This programe hopes to provid tamariki/rangatahi with an alternative opportunity to experience the marine and coastal environments, through environmental scientific sampling processes and methodologys.  We hope that the programe will empower our kaitiaki of tommorrow, by growing a greater awareness and understanding of local issues, by developing environmenal monitonging skills and knowldge,  and by learning about the importance of  informed descision making.
" the tuakana the chance to share their knowledge and understandings, establish connections and role model Kaitiakitanga.."